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Painting Club for Adult learners

Painting Club


Join Painting club, a division conducted by
Rainbow Artists and Writers Foundation,
( WB Govt.) a Non-profit Organization for artists and writers.

Workshop for Contemporary Art and Literature

Many artists/ painters are less privileged to exhibit their creative works in galleries. We call them to participate in our group exhibitions. Our participants / members collectively bear the expense of exhibitions/project. So you are welcome as a participant or member.
Painters who want to exhibit their works enlist and register their name along with biodata, stamp size photo and photos of 4 best painting works.

This Information is only for students of Painting for Bengali and English speaking students in and around West Bengal

Please Read all information carefully and get the chance of learning painting directly under guidance of Albert Ashok. About one lakh students in schools and colleges use his books on drawing and painting...


A Painting Class For you only

Students can have an environment of an Art studio, share ideas with others, learn History of art Oriental and western ( according to the syllabus of different art colleges in India and abroad) and discuss, travel for outdoor study, copy paintings, figure study, get exclusive printed colourful art lessons, experience on different styles and techniques, exhibit their works in art galleries. (this is only for course bound students)

Many students as well as artists do not find place where art or painting can be learnt more practically and professionally. There are art colleges, institutions and schools. All impart knowledge of art through mechanism or certain system. Students of art need more care as any performing art do not limit in an enclosed space and theory. A performing art student needs a close relation or tie with a teacher for sometime. Most successful painters, it has been observed that they have learnt from
a teacher or a mentor of their own choice and influenced by a particular style of schooling in their early part of life. So, we have decided we shall groom a student more practical way than art institutions do to rear them a successful artist. Our lessons are such a device or manoeuvre that covers all imparting skills, styles, techniques to command over painting.

Our arrangement ( as sharing ) for :

Many people has no place to nourish their dream of becoming artist, they will find a place for regular basis for learning and exhibiting painting

Many students live far off places they need an affordable lodging hostels

Many needs tuition and guidance may be they are new and beginner, studying art somewhere, trying painting as carreer, spending time for fun and etc.

The packaged classes support practicing artists, art school applicants, enthusiastic amateurs, and complete beginners. All receive focused attention.

Male and female, Age no bar . Only Bengali and English speaking students.

Who can join:
Any body can join as a member for certain span of time paying the requisite amount and fees.

Purpose :
Promotion of painting through guidance and exhibitions

What are the Packaged classes?
Packaged classes cover the syllabus of Indian Art colleges, full of fun, interesting understandable and friendly. All are profession oriented, so that one can take it as profession and continue exhibiting in galleries.

1. Students who have high ambition for Painting but find no way toward their destination of becoming a professional painter

2.Students who could not secure admission in art colleges or who wants to prepare himself for admission in an art college in future or who passed ‘ B Fine’ willing to enter in profession

3. Students who want to draw and paint for pleasure.

4. Those students are working and those students are senior retire man can also join.

One year duration for each course, There are Three courses

Drawing class:

Practical: basic conception and understanding of an object, how to draw and master on this art, use of geometrical shape, 3D and 2D concept, perspective and space creation, nature study, drapery, still life , animal study, human figure study, shaping and formation, use of shade, use of charcoal and pastel and how to express ideas etc apart from technical skill.

Theoretical: basic history of art and culture, drawing of early cave man and bushman, How famous painters used to draw , colourful exclusive printed lessons

Duration: 40 weeks in a year, 4 days in a week, 2 hours long classes, Time span for outdoor study or traveling for spot study will be adjusted within main frame of time.

Painting class:

Practical : Use of mediums like charcoal, pastel, water, mixed , acrylic, and oil etc. style and techniques, How to draw with colour, portrait study, model study, still life , drapery, landscape, creative paintings, copy painting, antique study, spot painting,

Theoritical :
World History of Art, focused and mentionable periods of art history, life and works of early master painters , the history and background of various art movements, Western painting and eastern paintings. Etc

Duration: 40 weeks in a year, 4 days in a week, 2 hours long classes, Time span for outdoor study or traveling for spot study will be adjusted within main frame of time.

Professional Painting:

Painting constant under guidance and observation while students work hard to create their own idioms and express ideas through paintings. Understanding of formation and stylization, designing and patterning. A final stage when an artist lay his own ideas on canvas, prepare himself for professional painter and get ready for exhibition in galleries. This requires supports from all angles. Apart from making layout, transmission of ideas in visual form, visiting art galleries, Guest teachers or Painters lecture

Theoritical : Lesson on Art beauty and aesthetics, World Art movement of this last century. Focuss on Indian Painting , different schooling, Art of Bengal, and Indian master painters life and works.

40 weeks in a year, 4 days in a week, 2 hours long classes, Time span for outdoor study or traveling for spot study will be adjusted within main frame of time.

Fees and Guidelines: 3 easy payments

Each course for one year duration. Total Tution fee : Rs.18000/ Advance Rs.10000 .and rest amount in two instalments payable before ending the course.

Lodging and food @Rs.2000 pm, advance 12,000 and rest amount in two instalments payable before ending the course. (Dormitory and mess system)

Those students want to make it a single payment 15% will be discounted.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -->
Art workshops
This is special package for interest oriented workshop
A 3 days spot painting tour, a seven days long creative painting tour or any special training in door or outdoor ( in the suburbs)
Cost will be informed later( it depends on traveling, lodging, food and tuition etc.)

-----------------------About Packaged course fee------------------
A one month Introductory course on painting:

This is designed for beginners level,it is dealt with technical sides a know- how- use- mediums while drawing and painting. Students of any age can join.

Activities/ subjects of studies:
Basic knowledge of paintings using different mediums (pencil, pen and ink, pastels, water colour, oil colour , acrylic, mixed media etc on paper and canvas.

Duration of time: 12 sessions, 2.5 hrs a sessions a day, 3 days in week, 4 weeks a month.

This one month bound course cost Rs.6000/ onlyat students place. and at my studio 4000/ . Students are free to purchase art materials from outside.
Art materials will be available on cash payment

Painting for fun Six months bound course

A six month bound 24 sessions, 2.5 hrs a session a day, once in week , 4 weeks a month, and 6 months

This is designed for general students who likes to learn painting for fun.
The course is devised in two parts 12 classes on pencil, pen and ink, pastel on colour paper, mixed media , water colour and introductory lesson on colour spectrum, relevant knowledge on drawing and painting, skill technical levels styles and a lecture on art and painting
And second part deals with acrylic colour and oil colour, nature study( landscape), still life , antique study, and modern painting

A single payment. Course fee Rs. my studio
Art materials will be available on cash payment

For exhibition and other sorts of exposition and expenditure separate cost will be informed and payable when required.
---------------------------------------------------- Below, a few books authored by Albert Ashok

I have been asked if I give private lessons. The answer is yes. Over the years I have had several clients arrange for private art and painting lessons, and due to past experiences I have come up with fees and guidelines.

Fees and Guidelines:

1) I only give private lessons once in week.

2) The fee is Rs 600 per 2 hour session.

3) Client must prepay 4 sessions in advance (Rs.2400).

4) If the client misses a lesson there is no make-up.

5) If I have to cancel a lesson there will be a make-up.

and within kolkata, (English and Bengali)

Contact : Albert Ashok

email :

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