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Brushstrokes and Imagination : Poetry and Painting

Rainbow Artists and Writers Foundation presents 

Brushstrokes and Imagination.

From 14th May to 19 th May 2013, Time 3 pm to 7.30pm.

 Inaugurated By eminent Painter and art critic Debabrata Chakrabarti, and spl guest Bulbul Roy jt. secretary , Academy of Fine Arts was present. 

Imagination is a junction where  East and West meet.

'Rainbow Artists and Writers Foundation.Kolkata' has published this anthology on 16th May 2013 before hundreds of eminent and emerging writers and other dignitaries.more than 50 painters were present in the painting exhibition gallery at Birla Academy of Art and Culture,2nd floor. 108, Southern Avenue, Kolkata.
This inaugural issue was launched by Mr. Subodh Sarkar, a prominent poet in Bengal with international repute, Chief guest was another prominent feminist poet Smt. Krishna Basu.and there were about 70 poets present, everyone read their own poems. Besides, there were about 50 painters and other dignitaries.
The event started at 5 o clock and ended at 8 o clock. The editor of the annual magazine, Mr. Albert Ashok and his co editor Surabhi Bhattacharya conducted the whole literary event. Everyone hailed the event as unprecedented and rare. we have seen in book that artists and writers work together but in art gallery where 99 paintings of 30 painters were in display, the gallery was full with all writers and painters together, interacting within themselves. Secretary Mr. Albert Ashok says:
'Rainbow Artists and writers Foundation.Kolkata' makes cultural bridges between eastern and western writers and artists. We do 4 or 5 public events in a year with artists and writers together. We publish this anthology as our annual journal and will be continued for the next year. This is a voluntary job. We do not sell. We distribute 200 hard copies (printed) freely within our reach.
A soft copy in PDF form of this will be available on request, and a soft copy will be sent to every author via email.The book is for free distribution. If anybody wants to help us to continue our this endeavour smoothly they can, pls. contact us .

The Contents of The Anthology, (sl. no--- authors name -----contents title --page no in the book):

1.Supratim Ghosh Dastidar- THE RAIN - 5
3.Angel Meredith, Burleson, Tx. USA- The Loving, Voice of Change -8
4.Md Saim Fattah,Kolkata - Comfortably Numb,With Me...Forever -10
5.Gopal Lahiri, Gujarat - Flawless,Like never before - 12
6.J S BROCA, New Delhi - WIFEOLOGY -14
7.Dr Mary Annie, Trivandrum ,India - Memories ,Careful now -17
8.Heena Kausher Ansari. - The Perfect Being - 18
9.Susma Sharma Gurumayum, Manipur - She Feels - 20
10.Fouqia Wajid - THE UNRECOGNIZED ME, ONE DAY- 21
11.Rakesh Vijayakumar -A SINGLE WHITE HAIR, BOMB -23
12.Priyanka Dey, - Partitioned- 25
13.Rajat Das Gupta - ‘Ami’ (=Myself) - 26
14.Sudam Panigrahi - Solace, Kill the demon -28
15.Yaseen Anwer, Bangalore - TOMORROW BEC OMES ESTERDAY, DEATH - 30
16.Mohsin Amin khan - Celestial beauty, splendor of love’s heaven,Struggle -31
17.Payal pasha,Delhi - AN ODE FROM ME TO YOU - 32
18.Kanchan chatterjee,Jamshedpur -Full moon night, The dance -33
19.SANTOSH ALEX, Visakhapatnam -SEARCH, BORDER - 34
20.Yaash Gaur, Uttar pradesh - THE SAILOR- 35
21.ANUPAM NASKAR - Hibernation , Counterclockwise - 36
22.SACHIN KETKAR -A Love Song,The Old Prostitute at the Taj Mahal-37
23.Chandra Banerjee - You to me,Words Just Words- 39
24.Debayudh chatterjee, Rain across the wastelands ,Who eats, drinks, and makes merry- 40
25.Neha Srivastava, Mumbai - Remain untitled -41
26.Kumarendra Mallick - Your gifts, A volcano…- 42
27.Shahbaz khan - SILENCE- 43
28.Surabhi Bhattacharjee -A MAN , A METAPHOR I PAINT - 44
29.Ranjan Gupta - In the balcony --45
30.Sunando Adhikari - Tears -45
31.Shankar Saha - Two poems- 46
32.Shyamal Mukhopadhyay - With Mother Teresa - 47
33.Kamal Mukhopadhyay - She Came , Poetry, Some days -48
34.Elizabeth Drake - A Bouquet of Love - 49
35.Tarun Agarwal - Lies -49
36.Sam Freeman - DEAR EARTH -50
37.Sayantani Jana, Kolkata -The Dance of Ecstasy-51
38.Dr. Sarojini Sahoo -'Sensible Sensuality' (Excerpts)- 54
39.Simona-Grazia Dima - Poetic Inspiration during Communism (Essay)A LUMINOUS DEVASTATION-60
40.Ivo Frbéžar, Slovenian -Only a Reflection,Crucified -69
41.Ivan Junqueira, brazil - The Burial of the Dead -71
42.Aju Mukhopadhyay, Pondicherry -The Pride of a Woman- 72
43.Kamalendu Chakrabarti - Nokai – the boy-75
44.Amritendu Mondal- Magic -80
45.Eduardo García Aguilar, Spain - a profesional Foreigner- 82
46.Elizabeth Yvonne Drake - A Torn Relationship , Mother-91
47.Linda L Ashok, Hyderabad - Poetry -92
48.August Hill, USA - mom-92
49.Sukumar Choudhuri - Nordic Sadness-93
50.Eduardo García Aguilar, Spain - LAST DAYS AND DEATH OF ANA MALO -94
51.Antonio Della Rocca, Italy - I'M SCARED OF CROWS -106
52.Jonette Larrew , USA - Ben Grimm in Retirement , Flash Cards - 107
53.Slavica Gadžova - STARS,SOUNDS, MINT -109
54.Regula Venske, Germany - Blood on the Breakfast-Room Floor -111
55.Yashodhara Ray chaudhuri -Thingamabob series -118
56.Jayanti M Dalal - BUDDHA’S TEARS -119
Cover art work : Partha Pratim Ganguly. Agartala,Tripura

To all authors who contributed their literary works, who helped in proof reading and arranging the magazine. Specially, I express my indebtedness to Mr. Shyamal Mukhopadhyay, and Emie Matsushima for her full support. And the art works that I have used as filler at the end of most literary pieces were the sketches of renowned artists.

above is the invitation card where invited poets name are printed.

The exhibition, was inaugurated by eminent art critic and painter Debabrata Chakrabarti, and a spl guest Bulbul Roy, jt secretary , Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata was present. Participants were from different states of India and one from Bangladesh. Total 30 painters displayed their work.   5 sculptures and  99 paintings were hung on the wall of the gallery.

TV media and other paper media were present.

the participants

below, on 16th may the literary event is going on

'Rainbow Artists and Writers Foundation.Kolkata' established in 2002, founder secretary is Albert Ashok.
'Rainbow Artists and Writers Foundation.Kolkata' is called RAW foundation, It mainly aims to bring all creative writers and artists in land and abroad together. It believes when written contents and visual contents are together, can create more impact in expression. Apart from this, artists and writers should know each other and support eachother for their creative impact and understanding.It is a basic goal. Across the border or crossing the border of countries, the time is coming when nation would embrace other cultures, defying all sorts of barriers like religious and political threats, irrespective of cast, creed, belief , superstitions.It believes,oneday, the barbarian and feudal concept of religion, and  crude political chauvinism will be eradicated. And primarily it can be done by artists and writers.

Who we are
RAW Foundation is a public non-profitable organisation formed in 2002 by Albert Ashok. He believes that Art and literature can bring a peace in mind and solve national and social dispute through expression of art and literature. So, it is essential to create a platform for the artists and writers. where they can expose their mind through words and brush and colour. The organisation is a apolitical and the Members are requested to maintain a harmony of brotherhood in the organisation.

Rawf  facilitates production, exhibition and interpretation of work by new and old artists. Volunteers are benefitted  from group session, workshops, classes on literature and art.
RAWF gives artists the space to create  works of Art and Literature, to experiment, to take risks in their expression, to meet their audiences face to face in a flexible, disciplined and supportive environment. Without it Art and literature would lose its breeding ground for experimentation, and endanger its capacity to generate the 'new'.

ourCentral issues
- bringing artists and writers together
- strengthening protection of artists authors rights
- strengthening the position of artists in society

-  increasing artists influence on the art scene
We produce an annual programme of diverse arts events including fashion, photography, literature, music, dance, theatre, art exhibitions and festivals.
 It holds regularly, exhibitions, interactions and seminars, presided over by scholars, artists, writers,exparties of national repute.

Our Mission
To hold seminars, cultural events and exhibition for members and public at large.

We are a non profit making voluntary organization, we have no steady and stable activities. We work with the strength of our volunteers. Your co operation is our capital to run smooth and serve other writers and artists.

The Profile of each artist given below ----------------------------------

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