Sunday, April 6, 2014

A New Summer: An Exhibition of Paintings by Two Painters

A New Summer: An Exhibition of Paintings by Two Painters
at Chemould Art Gallery, 12F, Park Street, Kolkata - 700016

Eminent Poet, Painters and Photographer personalities like Subodh Sarkar, Jahar Dasgupta, Rupchand Kundu and Atanu Paul have consented to grace the occasion and will inaugurate the event.
Inauguration:On 11th April 2014. 5 pm in the evening ( exhibition will be continued till 15th April 2014)
On 13th April, A poetry reading session will be held to greet The Bengali New Year 1421.

Summer is the warmest of the four temperate seasons, is traditionally associated with hot dry weather. In areas of the tropics and subtropics, the wet season occurs during the summer, The wet season is the main period of vegetation growth, even Fig trees bear fruit. Summer brings also a seasonal shift in the prevailing winds, we call it monsoon. In India, Summer is the first season of the year and it is hot. The Bengali New Year also starts with this season. Its time for people for outing and sports. The heat of the sun are tremendous, the season offers you numerous fruits to keep cool. So, people look for juicy substance to eat and drink, travel sea beach, bathe in pools or swim in lakes. Its a period of Fruition, fulfillment,beauty, happiness and peace.
In this wonderful time, we intended to present two artists' works of painting. Their works are like summer products. If you are very art inclined, enjoy visuals, stimulate your thought through your retina, yes, it is here! You perceive the world of virtual and unseen.
The life of Human are full of humour and stress, you make fun out of them. When cowboys with their playing flutes return from the meadow at cow dusk with herds of cattle -- have you ever imagined what a magnificent natural cool life they have-- what bliss they enjoy!
When life betrays you, love betrays you when you cant reach the same destination your friends easily could have reached, you feel sheer failure in life. It burns you inside.......... Artists are wonderful humans, they depict everything you could not express . They provide you a language to survive in this world in happiness and peace. I find both artists' work will bring you a new summer. They will give you pleasure and provoke your thought.

Samarendra Kumar Datta (Samar Datta)
Samarendra Kumar Datta (born in 1953, Bangladesh) is a senior and full time painter. He studied Fine Arts and has a Diploma from Sailendra Charukala Mahavidyalaya, Burdwan. From 1977, he has been exhibiting his paintings in many prestigious galleries, with many prominent contemporary artists, in different cities - Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, he has a number of group show in his credit. His paintings are wonderful, adorable, captivating and worth of collection. He has received many awards and his works are in public collection.

Vill: Barsul Dharmatala, P.O. Barsul Unnayani, Dist. Burdwan, West Bengal 713124, eMail, mobile: 9647566834

Dr. Noboday Paul

Noboday Paul (born 29th september, 1970), is a professionally MBBS doctor, he had an inclination toward art and culture from his childhood, and been influenced by foreign artists in his formative years. He is a self taught painter. He loves figurative works, distorted and semi abstract and want to portray his emotion on love, sex, and worldliness. His most themes and subjects surface from the core of subconcious mind, you will find anger, satire and surreal elements in his dreamscapes like paintings.
34/4 Mahim Haldar Street (1st floor) Kolkata - 700026
Mobile : 9830550240, eMail

Albert Ashok curates, and Mom Dey coordinates the whole event on behalf of RAWF,
Contact 9330858536

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